About Us

About Us

Canadian Sath is where the Punjabis gather to share, disseminate and discuss to frame opinions on matters of political, administrative and individual interest.

A Punjabi TV channel dedicated to Punjabi politics offers a wide range of content that includes videos, movies, and other programming related to the political landscape of Punjab. With a focus on engaging and informative content, the channel aims to keep viewers well-informed about the political developments in the region.

The channel broadcasts interviews, panel discussions, and debates featuring prominent politicians, analysts, and experts, providing a platform for discussions on various political issues. These shows aim to foster a better understanding of the political dynamics in Punjab and encourage informed civic participation among viewers.

In addition to political discussions, the channel also features documentaries and special reports highlighting the history, culture, and socio-political aspects of Punjab. This content provides viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the state’s political evolution and its impact on the local population.

To cater to a wider audience, the channel also airs Punjabi political movies that delve into political themes and narratives. These movies offer a blend of entertainment and social commentary, allowing viewers to explore political concepts within a cinematic context.