canadiansathApril 29, 20211min6400

The Ontario legislature has officially approved new legislation that will give employees three days of paid emergency leave during COVID-19. The leave could be claimed for a variety of reasons related to COVID-19, including signs of illness, to receive a test, to case for an ill child or to receive a vaccine.


canadiansathApril 29, 20211min7510

Third wave of COVID-19 has ‘crested’ in Ontario but cases remain high, says Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, the co-chair of the science advisory table. The data showed mobility rates drop significantly throughout April resulting in a decrease in case growth. However, the officials noted that workplace mobility is high and its reduction is key in reducing infection rates.


canadiansathApril 29, 20211min6910

The Public Health Agency of Canada says hundreds of fines have been issued to travellers arriving in Canada for refusal to quarantine in a government-authorized hotel.

A total of 404 tickets have been issued to travellers as of April 19, of which 247 tickets have been issued in Ontario and 157 in British Columbia.


canadiansathApril 29, 20211min5300

Ontario government has announced it will deliver its own paid sick leave program to help curb the spread of COVID-19 transmission in essential workplaces.

This Ontario COVID-19 Worker Income Protection Benefit, if passed, the legislation will require employers to pay workers up to $200 per day for up to three days if they are feeling sick or need to get vaccinated.


canadiansathApril 29, 20211min5510

The World Health Organization has decided to redeploy 2,600 health experts in India on its COVID-19 response, following it facing “a perfect storm” due to “the combination of relaxing of personal protective measures, mass gatherings and more contagious variants while vaccine coverage is still low.”